Back bacon, cured in salt and sugar, smoked to perfection. Eat it as is, or fry it up, it tastes great either way. Medium cut (2mm) slices.

Rs.3500 per 500g


Pork leg, cured in brine, glazed and smoked. Goes great in sandwiches. Medium cut (2mm) sliced.

Rs.3500 per 400g

Pulled Pork

Our signature dish!

A front leg of pork, marinated for over 12 hours in our secret marinade. Slow smoked until it falls apart, and then shredded. Served with the famous Fat Guy BBQ Sauce.

Rs.10000 per 1kg
Minimum order 2kg

Roast Pork

Top loin of pork, marinated in our secret marinade for over 12 hours. Smoke roasted to perfection and served with our famous Fat Guy BBQ sauce.

Rs.9000 per 1kg
Minimum order 2kg. This will weigh more than ordered, and will be rounded to the nearest 100g.


Set of Back ribs and Spareribs, marinated, glazed, and smoke roasted to fall-off-the-bone perfection.

Rs.8000 per 1kg per rack
Minimum order 2kg